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Group Exams

Every year all our classes enter Trinity Guildhall Group exams ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 8, dependent upon age and experience.

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Examinations are available across a diverse range of disciplines including Acting, Performance Arts, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare and  Scripted works, and offer a fantastic opportunity for all perfomers to participate in an enriching performing arts experience and attain recognised grades in a variety of subjects.

Act Now! Teachers have over 50 years combined experience of entering students for Trinity Guildhall examinations and have the skills to explore all the options available within the Trinity Guildhall Grade and Certificate Drama and Speech Subjects Syllabus before entering candidates, in order to choose the best possible subject area for the abilities of individual candidates or groups.

Highest Mark to date: Grade 8 Group Performance Arts Grade 8 -  100% Distinction!

Act Now! have been awarded two Exhibition Awards from Trinity Guildhall for the Highest Marks in the Country for grade/year.

Act Now! Performing Arts Academy
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